Make that first impression last.
Today's internet marketing is like speed-dating—you have just seconds to convince your customer you are worthy of their service. Maximize these opportunities with a better online presence. We make your site visually appealing and it will be seen in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Yelp and in 40 online directories. Better yet, add a professionally produced video and really impress your visitor.
Google Adwords vs Facebook Advertising
Which is better Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising. Google serves over 40,000 searches per second and Facebook has over a billion active daily usersBeing the largest social network with over 2 billion users, it has collected data about its users that no other network has ever collected. Facebook Ads are best for small businesses with a limited budget. If a cost per click in AdWords is $1, with $5, you will receive no more than 5 clicks. Compared to Facebook that would cost 25 cents, you will receive 20 clicks. But Google's network reaches 80% of the world's internet users and serves 6 billion Ads every single day. 
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