The majority of web traffic is driven by Search Engines. If your site cannot be found by search engines, you miss out on incredible opportunities. Search Engines offer three ways to list your site: Paid Search Advertising, Natural or Organic Listing, and Local Listing.

Paid Search Advertising
We use Google "Adwords". With Paid Search Advertising, your website will appear on the 1st page. You will know exactly where your dollars are going and you only pay when an interested party clicks your Ad. You put a cap on what you are willing to spend ($10, $20, $30 a day). 
Below are benefits of Paid Search Advertising:
  1. Ads appear in Google, Yahoo, YellowPages ( and YouTube.
  2. We control what time of the day your Ad appears, like 8am to 5pm.
  3. We can target an area like a Zip Code, City, or State.
  4. We create several different Ads to discover what works best.
  5. You start seeing advertising results in less than a day.
  6. Test a new service or product to gauge its demand. 
We are Google AdWords experts (click arrow above to see a short video)

Natural or Organic Listing 
Ranking #1 on Google - is an aspiration for any website. Achieving success with organic search requires a fusion of at least three aspects of your website:

Great Content
There's no escaping the need for great content. Search engines put a high value on good, textual content. This means your website should read like the keywords you are targeting, including navigation menus, title tags, body copy, links and more.

A Good Content Management System (CMS)
Your CMS and the parts of your website you probably don't give much attention to - URL structures, HTTP redirects, canonical content, JavaScript, CSS and more is the key to search engine success. Our philosophy is to take the decision-making process away from the search engines whenever possible. From a technical standpoint, the website should be clear and straightforward, so even a robot can figure out what's going on.

Sufficient External Credibility (Links and more)
The best website structure and content is not always enough and you will need credibility from other websites. Inbound links give a website the power to rank for keywords. We recommend and implement appropriate, no-risk link building methods to push your rankings higher. But this phase can take several months or more to achieve rankings for competitive terms. The upside is, a competitive keyword often means the reward will be great and lots of traffic.

Local Listing 
It is competitive, but still an affordable way for your business to appear in Google My Business, Bing Local, Yahoo Local,,, or are some examples of local listings. We work with you to cleanse, organize and optimize your local business listing with geo-coding, address standardization and more. 
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